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Welcome to our Eco – Warrior Information Pages!

Our Eco Committee is made up of children and staff who have an interest in the environment and sustainability. We work to make Holmer Green Junior School as environmentally friendly as possible.

The Eco Committee is made up of JRSOs (Junior Road Safety Officers) from Year 6 and Eco Warriors, who stand for election and are voted into position by their classmates. Our Eco Warriors are VERY passionate about the environment!

Fast Facts:

  • We are reducing plastic and paper usage across our School
  • We operate Warrior Wednesdays where we ask for no single use plastics to be used in school
  • We are working to develop biodiversity across our grounds
  • We are raising environmental awareness and action throughout our School and local community
  • We are working to reduce the energy wasted by electrical appliances
  • We are reducing air pollution and carbon emissions around our School
  • We are working to recycle, reduce and reuse items at home and at school
  • We are working to increase the number of children that travel sustainability to school

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Eco Warriors – who we are.

Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs) – who we are.

Our Eco Code

Eco Warrior Reports

JRSO Reports


Walk to School

Green Flag

Competitions / Campaigns

  • School Travel Plan
  • Eco Action Plan

Eco Warriors

Our Eco Warriors for this year are:

Year 3 – Oscar Brown, Rose Jackson, Erin McConalogue, Sonny Tilling

Year 4 – Amelie May Bryant, Sephie Halle-Smith, Oscar Pooley, Zara Ruffell

Year 5 – Haroon Khalid, Yusuf Khalid, Jessica Knox, Matthew Reid, Amelia Robinson

Year 6 – Louie Barrett-Singh, Isabel Busler, Isabel Price, Dexter Smith

Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs):

The Junior Road Safety Officers are year six children who are responsible for running our road safety campaigns, Be Bright Be Seen sales, Walk to School campaigns and our Go for Gold Scheme.

Our JRSOs for this year are:

Eco Code

The children of Holmer Green Junior School were asked to create an Eco Code for the school. Our Eco Code is very important, it shows our commitment to being sustainable and improving our school environment.  The Eco Warriors chose the Eco Code below, as they felt it summed up how we as a school try to help the environment.

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Eco Warrior Reports

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JRSO Reports

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Warrior Wednesdays!

As concern and awareness of the effect of single use plastic on our planet and environment grows, we are very excited to announce our eco initiative ‘Warrior Wednesdays’. On Warrior Wednesdays, we are asking the children not to use any single-use plastic items at school. Single-use plastic items, are items that are made of plastic and thrown away or recycled after only one use.

Did you know that on average a plastic bag is used for only 12 minutes but takes 20 years to degrade? Or that single-use plastic bottles stay intact for 450 years? Or that a plastic straw takes 200 years to degrade? Or that since being invented there has been enough cling film produced to wrap around the planet earth two times?

We hope to encourage the children to begin to think plastic smart. Warrior Wednesdays means that we ask that the following items are not used in the children’s lunch boxes:

Cling film – maybe use Tupperware boxes or beeswax wrapping instead;

Yoghurt pots, Squashums, Frubes etc. – maybe empty yoghurts into a Tupperware box;

Plastic straws – maybe use paper, pasts or metal ones instead;

Capri Sun etc. – try using a re-usable bottle with water or squash instead;

Plastic water bottles/plastic juice bottles – try using a re-usable bottle instead;

Plastic cutlery – use bamboo or metal ones instead.

We also ask that children do not bring plastic carrier bags into school on Wednesdays and only use a re-usable drinking bottle for their water.

We hope you will help us to make these changes by thinking plastic smart and supporting Warrior Wednesdays as a first step in helping to protect our environment and planet.

The Eco Warriors.


Remember that we are a centre for the recycling of crisp packets, batteries, and pens, felt tips, Tippex pens/bottles, highlighters and whiteboard markers. These items can be deposited into the recycling containers in the school foyer, between the hours of 8.30am – 4.30pm by you or the children.

Recycling of food items can be done at break times –look out for Eco Warriors with the food recycling bin in the playground. There is also a food recycling bin in the lunch hall for use at lunchtimes. All recycled food is placed in our compost bins in the school garden or fed to the worms in our worm composting bin!


Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle

Walk in Wednesdays and Footstep Fridays!

You may know that there are benefits to the environment by walking to school but there are many other reasons to travel to school sustainably. Did you know that research has shown that children’s academic performance can be enhanced by walking to school? Have you thought about the money you might save on fuel costs by travelling to school sustainably or the life skills that children learn when they are walking to school? The health benefits of travelling to school sustainably are great as well, not only in terms of helping to fight obesity and getting exercise but also cutting down on the pollution and medical problems that can be caused by exhaust fumes.

It is for these reasons that we are very excited to announce Walk in Wednesdays and Footstep Fridays. On Wednesdays and Fridays, we are asking that everyone makes a real effort to travel to school sustainably. You can walk, use a scooter or cycle in! Remember our Park and Stride system, where you can park and walk into school or be dropped off and walk into school. The Park and Stride parking points are The Old Oak Pub and Rosseti Hall – mornings only or the Earl Howe Pub which is drop and stop Monday – Thursday mornings only – please click on the link below to see the map.

We hope that everyone is able to join us on Walk in Wednesdays and Footstep Fridays and that 100% of the children are able to travel to school sustainably on these days.

The Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs)

Park Safe,Walk Safe

Stand by for more details – coming soon!

Clean Air

Stand by for the exciting details of our clean air campaign! Coming soon!

Walk to School

At Holmer Green Junior School we would like to encourage every child to travel to school in a sustainable manner, whether by walking, scooting or cycling. At the moment 68% of children travel to school sustainably and 29% travel to school by car. Travelling to school sustainably is not only good for the environment, air quality, fitness levels and our health – even once a week can make a difference! Remember, if you need to use your car in the mornings, you can use our park and stride scheme, which also counts as travelling to school sustainably and is a great first step. The map below shows the park and stride car parking areas.

Go For Gold Exclusion Zone (1)

Go for Gold

Many of you will be aware of the Go for Gold award scheme which has run in Holmer Green Junior School since 2005 to support and encourage sustainable travel to our school.

Since starting the scheme, there has been an increase in the number of children walking to and from school. In addition to the obvious health and wellbeing benefits to all involved, the reduction of pollution in the environment, it has also had the very welcome effect of reducing the traffic congestion outside the school, at both the beginning and end of the school day.

While walking to school is important and something that we want to encourage, we also understand that many parents have no option but to drive their children to school. Perhaps this is because they live outside the immediate catchment area, or have to drop siblings off at other schools or nurseries, or need to head straight to work after doing the school run. To make it possible for these families to participate in the Go for Gold scheme, we have negotiated a number of ‘park and stride’ sites around the village to give children the chance to walk to school, even if their parents have no option but to use their car in the morning.

The Old Oak and the Royal British Legion have asked that we only use their car parking facilities in the mornings, before school. Another option when children want to be a bit more independent is the Earl Howe Pub – please do not park there but you may use the car park as a stop and drop site (on Monday to Thursday mornings only).

Go for Gold walkers have a card, kept in school, which will be updated on a two-weekly basis by our JRSOs (Junior Road Safety Officers) under the supervision of Mrs Sutaria-Cassidy and Mrs Royston-Hayes. Stamps on cards will be awarded according to the information children have recorded on Travel Tracker which the children complete every day when they come into school.

When a child completes a Go for Gold card they are entered into a draw, along with the other children in their year group to win a £5 voucher for WH Smith! The Go for Gold  scheme offers a number of rewards – for example: badges and free entry to various local attractions, such as swimming or bowling – designed to encourage the children to keep walking.

In the interest of honesty, we ask that parents do not encourage their child(ren) to get a stamp if they have parked and walked from within the exclusion zone. However, if you live within the exclusion zone, your child is entitled to receive stamps in the normal way, provided that your car has been left at home.

On every Wednesday we have ‘Walk in Wednesday’ and on Fridays we have ‘Footsteps Friday’. On these days everyone is encouraged to make a real effort to travel into school sustainably. We have found that this has helped those families who find it difficult to use sustainable ways of travelling into school on a daily basis, a chance to participate and earn some stamps on their Go for Gold cards.

We also have a Walk to School cup, which is awarded on a weekly basis to the class that has the most children travelling to school sustainably. Something the children are very excited about!

Throughout the year we participate in many national campaigns to encourage safe and sustainable travel to school, such as Be Bright Be Seen, The Big Pedal, Happy Shoesday and Walk to School Week – all of which are great fun! ‘’!

We look forward to you joining us in travelling sustainably to school!

Public Transport Links to Holmer Green

The extracts below show the bus timetables for buses to High Wycombe and Amersham from Holmer Green. By clicking the link below you will be taken to the full timetable:

There are rail links to London on Chiltern Railways, from both High Wycombe and Amersham stations. Amersham station also has links to London on the Metropolitan underground line. Click on the links below to find the train timetables:

Green Flag

Following a rigorous application and assessment process in October 2017, Holmer Green Junior School was awarded an Eco Schools’ Green Flag, as a reward for the ‘green work’ carried out within the school and its community.

The application and assessment process is carried out every two years, so we were visited by an Eco Schools Assessor at the beginning of November 2019.

I am pleased to say that after the hard work of our Eco Committee we received our second green flag. Thank you to everybody for their hard work!

We will continue working on all areas of the Eco Schools Framework, building eco-awareness and ‘greenness’ in both our day to day school life, as well as in our lessons and throughout our community.

Competitions / Campaigns

Keep watching this page for information about any competitions or campaigns, that the Eco Committee will be running.

Eco – Schools Action Plan

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School Travel Plan

Please click on the following link to view our Travel Plan;

School Travel Plan 2021 – 2022