Term dates & the school day

Term Dates

The official Buckinghamshire Council dates are found on their website (click here). Please note that in-service training days are shown separately on the site and 2 additional are decided by the school.

Term Dates 22-23



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The School Day

Due to exceptional circumstances, the school day has had to be adjusted for health and safety purposes. Please click on the link below to view our Pandemic Addendum. This outlines the structure of the school day in the event of a pandemic.

Attendance – Covid-19 Addendum


The playground is supervised from 08:30.
Children are not allowed on site before this time for safety reasons.

08:50 – School begins. Registration period including quiet reading or early work activity.
09:00 – First teaching session
10:00 – Second teaching session

11:00 – Break time. Pupils can enjoy pre-ordered fresh fruit and milk every day

11:15 – Assembly
11:30 – Third teaching session
12:30 – Lunch
13:30 – Afternoon registration
13:35 – Fourth teaching session
14:30 – Fifth teaching session
15:25 – End of school day
15:25-16:30 – A variety of extra-curricular clubs held most days