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SEND statement

In early November, the Department for Education published a blog post on free school travel, aimed at parents:

Special Educational Needs (SEN) Support is the special educational provision that is delivered within a mainstream school – that which is different from or additional to what is typically available for children and young people.

It describes the support that goes beyond quality first teaching, and as such can include intervention programmes, targeted assistance from LSA's, and the potential involvement of external agencies. The term SEN Support is also used to the category/status of learners in receipt of such provision, as distinct from those with Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs).

At HGJS, we endeavour to enable our pupils with SEN to achieve excellent outcomes. Therefore, we appreciate that SEN Support is a broad concept, capturing a wide range of types, depth and complexity of special educational needs. Our teachers develop individualised support for pupils involving the following areas:

  • Quality First Teaching (making reasonable adjustments where necessary)
  • Keeping expectations high and achievable
  • Securing excellence in support and provision for vulnerable groups of pupils
  • A well-designed curriculum
  • Adjusting the pace of lessons to reflect how children and young people are learning
  • Differentiating language and tasks to support learning
  • Having clear routes to gain specialist external support such as CYP Therapies (speech and language therapy, occupational therapy) and the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS).

If you would like to organise a phone call or meeting with our SENCo, Mrs Timms, please email:

You can also view Buckinghamshire Council's Local offer here:

Ordinarily Available Provision

In Buckinghamshire, there is a drive to promote a consistent ethos of inclusivity and supportiveness for individuals with SEN across all schools in the county. A cornerstone of this ambition is the concept of ‘ordinarily available provision’: the principle that pupils at SEN Support should expect to receive the same core offer of help and intervention irrespective of the school that they attend. This links to the Children and Families Act 2014, Equality Act 2010, Education Act 2011 and the SEND Code of Practice.

Schools, parents/carers and professionals collaborated to produce Buckinghamshire’s Ordinarily Available Provision documentation, which outlines the special educational needs that children and young people may have across the four broad areas, with easy-to-use provision suggestions for all members of school staff and families alike, as well as strategies for the whole school and quality first teaching.

Please follow the below link to find a copy of this document and more information about Buckinghamshire Council's approach to SEN provision.

Ordinarily Available Provision document

Further information about Buckinghamshire SEN provision

Our Sendco, Shona Timms can be contacted: