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Staff and Governors Information

School Staff

Our highly qualified staff are fully committed to the education and welfare of all our pupils. Continual professional development is key to our school improvement. Our Governors can be found on their own page in the sidebar to the right.



Mr Cusdin


Designated Safeguarding Lead


Miss Emily Harrington

Assistant Headteacher - Teaching & Learning

Year 6 Teacher (Cherry Class)

Curriculum Lead, Assessment, English Learning Lead

Mrs Nikki Mitchell

School Business Manager


Mrs Shona Timms

Year 6 Teacher (Willow Class)

SEND, ECT Mentor, DDSL, Values Curriculum, DT

Mr Matthew Walters

Year 5 Teacher (Larch Class)

Base Leader Years 5 & 6, PE, HGSP, Values, Behaviour Management

Mrs Tina Harvey

Base Leader Years 3 & 4, ECT Mentor, Maths, Behaviour Management




Miss Emily Head

Year 5 Teacher (Beech Class)
ECT + 1, RE, MFL
Mr Josh Smith
Year 4 Teacher (Pine Class)


Mrs Ginny Newman

Year 4 Teacher (Lime Class)

ECT + 1, PSHCE, Library

Mr Paul Woodhouse

Year 3 Teacher (Oak Class)

Science, Humanities, Outdoor Learning - Sustainability

Mr Taylor Lacey

Year 3 Teacher (Elm Class)

Music and Art

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs Helen Weber
Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Mr Jake Chitsa
Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Other Teaching Staff

Mrs Rebecca Duggan
Teaching Cover, PE Support

Mr David Reeves

Teaching Cover


Educational Support

Mrs Claire Royston-Hayes
Part-Time Specialist Support Assistant 

Mrs Kim Dunn
Specialist Support Assistant

Mrs Kate McInnes
Specialist Support Assistant

Mrs Kirsty Turner
Specialist Support Assistant

Mrs Sarah Bicknell
Specialist Support Assistant
Miss Lisa Harrison
Specialist Support Assistant

Mrs Amanda Lambourne
Specialist Support Assistant

Mrs Jessica Fox
Specialist Support Assistant


Miss Katie Mayhew
Specialist Support Assistant






The School Office



Mrs Claire Royston Hayes
Part-Time School Secretary
Mr Scott Wilson
School Administrator
Point of contact for queries from parents and members of the public.

Mrs Singh
School Bursar
Important Ancillary Staff

Mr Osborne-Williams

Site Manager


Midday Supervisors

Mrs Brown
Midday Supervisor
Miss Joanne Lynskey
Midday Supervisor

Mrs Sorensen
Midday Supervisor

Mrs Seymour
Midday Supervisor